Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Day Today

Today is the Day! Waahooo! This is it boys and girls.

So I started day like so many others, I got up 05dark15 and had a cup of coffee on the liani. It was a cool morning, 78* with a breeze from the east. The weatherperson says it is going to be a nice day in the upper 80's with a chance of rain showers this afternoon.

Today for my early morning bike ride I chose to wear my Livestrong Jersey and Livestrong Shorts. My Livestrong bracelet broke! Boohoo! I decided to do my usual midweek course of 25 miles around my community sprinting on the straights and just trying to get a good workout, ave speed 21 mph.

My surgery is scheduled for 2:00pm. I have spent the last two days talking with my oncologist and my surgeon and my dermatologist as to the best way to proceed. The good news is the tumor is not in any vital organ! HURRAY!! It is located in my left arm, the bicep.

So the first question was , "What about a sentinel node biopsy prior to the remove of the tumor?" A sentinel node biopsy is when the surgeon injects a dye into the tumor site and then massages (sounds nice massages!) it to the lymph nodes, the first nodes to which the cancer has spread.

Then the next question "So now the question how much of the arm do we take? Will I lose use of the arm or have any nerve damage? " How deep do we go and if amputation is necessary do they awaken me from surgery? YES ABSO.F'n.LUTLEY!

Then the next question is "When do we start chemotherapy and what kind?" Since I don't understand this I'm looking for information. Did you know, boys and girls, that chemo comes in KINDS? I wonder is it flavored? or just plain...what kind shall I get?... I'll take the Blue Agave Tequila Chemo please or perhaps I'll take the Chardonnay Chemo today!!

I've made arrangements to HK to take me and pick me up since I don't want The F'n Moron anywhere near me or even know what is going on.

I guess I'll miss my lunchtime swim and a causal ride with the Trek boys tonight?

So I'll write, boys and girls, when I can.

Have a nice day!

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Guilty Secret said...

Thinking of you. Hope it goes well :)