Friday, September 21, 2007

Mineral Red and J THE F'N MORON

Yup, Boys and Girls, that's the color. Mineral red! A crossed between really red and soft red. But more importantly it is the color I've decided to paint the bathroom in the guest suite. Mineral red sounds kind nice huh?

So tomorrow,boys and girls, HK's husband, HK and I are going to paint... well I think I'll supervise, I do that the bestest. So here are my plans....

tonight drinks at the club without J...more on that in a moment, boys and girls!
Sat morning 40 mile ride with Trek boys
go to Casa dePot (Home Depot Expo) to get paint and new bathroom light fixtures with HK's huband
start project - hope to get first coat of painting done
afternoon run - 12 miles
Sat nite dinner with Barb & Bill
Sun morn early ride around the Island with the Trek boys 62 miles
quick couple miles swim at the beach -without J
drink some beer on the beach - without J
Second coat of paint with HK's husband
nite - work on office project


OK, boys and girls, J an I had THAT kind of talk.....yea you know what I mean..yup "the are you serious talk" or "what are you doing, where are we going with this, what are your intentions...Suzie needs to get laid.. are we serious about one another to get closer .. did I mention Suzie needs.... O I did!"

Well he... hmm'd and he...awww'd and he... stuttered.


J - Your sick Suzieeeee!

Suzie - well duh yea, but what difference does that make J?

J - I don't want to get close then something happen.

Suzie - like what J?

J - you know you get sick.

Suzie = I'm already sick you MORON! What do you think? I'm missing body parts including my kidney, I have melanoma, CANCER, and I have a brain tumor, INOPERABLE. J HOW MUCH WORSE CAN IT FUCKING GET? HUH?

OK it goes downhill from there... maybe I shouldn't have called him a MORON. Maybe I should have said "I DON"T WANT TO BE WITH YOU EITHER YOU FUCKNG MORON! PRAISE JESUS!"

So needless to say no more J The F'n MORON!

Have a Nice Day and a Great Weakend, Boys and Girls!

HK where did I put know that toy... yup that toy...

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Lala said...

Hi Suzie... Thanks for visiting my blog (as pathetic as it is... but hey... I'm kinda new at this!)...:o)

Just painted our downstairs powderroom "Harmonious Cream" (well... my HUSBAND painted... I supervised... I definitely do that best!) Red is one of my FAV colors!

Hmmmmm... No more Fn Moron around huh??? Well... too bad for HIM...