Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not arrrested as a Terrorist

Story time boys and girls so gather round..... or how Suzie had a momentary brain freeze!

As you may remember I went to my son's home Thursday April 25. A good friend picked me up and drove me to the airport. Now I made reservations on Jet Blue and had a confirmed seat. When I arrive with my one bag to check and work computer carry on, I found oops my confirmed seat was sold to someone else. Now how can you sell my confirmed seat? The Agent at the counter found me one all the way in the back of the bus. Then the agent asked for my picture ID. I look in my purse and no driver's license. I look again no dl. PANIC!

Now I'm at the airport, no car, my friend has left, and me with no picture id! PANIC..... then I remember in my Treo (cellphone) case I have my old driver's license and a $20 bill. I keep it there for bike riding. I put the cell phone in my jersey pocket so if I get in trouble or can't get home I can call someone to come and get me. I have $20 for food or coffee. The old driver's license is there as identification if I get hit by a redneck trucker or a snowbird. That way when they find my body they will at least know who I am!

As calmly as possible I take out the old DL and give it to the agent at the counter. OK it works! But now I have to go thru security to get on the plane. I get to the security check point and the TSA Agent looks at my old Florida DL and says "This is expired! Do you have any other picture ID? " PANIC again.... "Oh it's expired?....batting my eyes and claiming ignorance! "Yup expired hun. We will have to search you and all of your carry on!" So he writes on my boarding pass and allows me thru. As I get to the metal detector I'm passed thru the detector but then sent to the search area. They bring my computer bag, pocketbook and sweater over. I scanned with a hand held metal detector then the agent "frisks" me! I think he enjoyed it, I know I didn't. After taking almost everything out of my bags, I'm allowed to go.... I guess I don't look like a terrorist!

So the next several hours I try to figure out where is my new DL? Think! How did I lose it? Think! Did some one go in my purse and steal it? Think! Then I vaguely remember someone asking me for my DL. At the time I thot "That's odd why do they want a picture of my dl?" So finally I remember (AHHA!) I bought a new Blackberry on our cooperate account at T-Mobile for the CEO. they wanted a picture of my DL for Home Land Security and the clerk never gave it back!

We I worried the entire weekend about going back home on an expired DL. I would have to go thru security at Newark Liberty Airport! What would I do if I can't get on a plane to go home? Who could overnight me my passport? PANIC! What if they don't have my DL at T-Mobile and why didn't they call me?

So Monday rolls around, I arrive at the airport early, 5:30am for a 7:45 flight. Ticketing agent no problem, walk to security give them my expired license and low and behold boys and girls no problem! I walk right thru with my expired license!

So next stop is T-Mobile. The clerk I worked with is not there! So I ask about my DL. "Do you have my DL? The clerk didn't give it back... "Nope no DL here." Another clerk over hears our conversation and she says.... "OH I think that's the DL taped to the safe door!" They open the safe and low and DL! END OF PANIC!

So the moral of the story? Don't get a new Blackberry for the CEO because they will take your DL away from you!

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madame x said...

Oh man... the airports are crazy these days.. and the flights are becoming very similar to a greyhound bus trip thiry years ago... eesh.

we can take it though, to get to those grandkids!